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Daria Koltsova - The road to poetry in wartime

Daria Koltsova is an artist who is making a name for herself as one of the leading figures of the contemporary Ukrainian scene in these difficult times for her people, subjected to the distresses of … Read more

Eva Beresin - The phantom of libery

In this month of October, full of cultural events and exhibitions, Charim Gallery Vienna is pleased to introduce to the Parisian public the Viennese artist Eva Beresin, who has made a resounding … Read more

Ana Adam - What's the forgotten thread that connects me to myself?

This exhibition is an introduction to the work and universe of Ana Adam and brings together works from the last five years of production. During this time the artist has not ceased to reinvent … Read more

Traian Cherecheș Creative Destruction* - An escape room

Traian Cherecheș is one of the young Romanian artists who, in recent years, has made considerable progress in his professional career. It is undeniable that he has put heart and soul into his … Read more


Diasporic comes from diaspora and originally refers to a forced exile for political, economic, social and cultural reasons. Exile generally refers to a link, at least symbolic, with the country of … Read more

Camil Mihăescu

Camil Mihăescu has been studying for a long time the transcendence of the spiral, which mathematics describes as an infinite open curve, with a hypothetical origin and a path based on the golden … Read more

Peter Kogler - Synaptic

In this exhibition, the internationally renowned Austrian artist Peter Kogler takes action from floor to ceiling, on walls and in space, creating an elaborate vision of the motif in space. Read more

The (guide)line, the (personal) trait and the point (of view)

The works that make up this exhibition are part of recent series, drawings and paintings, but also direct interventions in the exhibition space, through which Liliana Mercioiu Popa approaches the … Read more

In and Out, Out and In

One of Lawrence Wiener's major works begins like this. The statement as advocated by the artist, allows the interpretation of the meaning of words to give another form to the work. Any place has an … Read more

The Danube dialogues - Statements of pure consciousness

This exhibition brings together 8 artists from both sides of the Danube, mirroring the Danube Dialogues Festival which takes place every year in Novi Sad, Serbia and which for a number of years has … Read more

Every bird finds his nest beautiful

At the invitation of the French Institute of Timisoara, Ana Adam built 3 nesting boxes on majestic trees in the beautiful Garden of the Institute. An artistic gesture can have a final purpose but it … Read more

65th Salon de Montrouge

After two successive reports due to the health crisis, the Salon de Montrouge will reopen its doors from October 22 to 31, 2021, to present its 65th anniversary edition. Every year, the city of … Read more